Safaris in Kenya

Safari Holidays in Kenya

Kenya is a country rich in wildlife, culture, history, beauty and friendly, welcoming people. Kenya is geographically diverse, from snow-capped mountain peaks to extensive forests to wide-open plains.

Key geographical attractions include the Great Rift Valley, which features extinct volcanoes and hot springs, and Kenya’s coastline, complete with reefs and magnificent beaches. Combine all this with a well-developed tourist infrastructure of hotels, lodges, campsites and a variety of activities, and its no wonder Kenya is a popular tourist destination attracting millions of visitors each year.

Game Safaris and wildlife tours are Kenya’s biggest attractions, drawing many visitors to the country each year. Kenya manages more than 20 national parks and national game reserves, where visitors can view some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife, including the “Big Five” animals. In fact, the “Big Five” are the central focus of the majority of safari tours and wildlife expeditions offered within the parks. Kenya’s most popular game park is the Masaai Mara, which borders the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. Between July and September, visitors can witness the remarkable annual wildebeest migration which takes place at the Mara.

Kenya’s many beaches along the Indian Ocean are the country’s second biggest tourist attraction. Visitors can enjoy clean beaches lined with palm trees and studded with luxury resorts, with coral reefs located just offshore. The City of Mombasa is the entry point to the coast, with beaches extending south to Malindi and north to Lamu Archipelago, a world heritage site.

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What to expect on a Kenya safari

Kenya combines some of the richest Big Five areas on the planet with landscapes that are truly grand and iconic. The Kenyan safari experience is highly developed, with a wide range of tours, lodges and transport services, welcoming thousands of visitors every year. Kenya boasts a number of camps that rival the world’s top boutique hotels in terms of service, location and dining, offering experiences tailored to the exacting standards and tastes of their high-end clientele.

Kenya’s varied landscapes offer a multitude of thrilling safari activities. Guests can walk through some of the most remote and isolated regions in the world guided by tribesmen for whom these natural wonders are an ancestral home

One of the most thrilling natural spectacles in the world, during the late winter months the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra crosses into southern Kenya from Tanzania, with vast herds of animals plunging across rivers and braving the jaws of some of Africa’s biggest crocodiles. Predators such as lion, leopard, hyena and the occasional cheetah follow the Migration, their watchful presence heightening the drama as they wait and watch for the weak, sick or simply unwary. Hundreds of vehicles enter the Masai Mara daily, seeking to witness a lion kill or a dramatic river crossing. This is one of the most sought-after times to travel and accommodation must be booked far in advance. While tourist numbers are high and sightings are almost always shared with a number of other vehicles, the wildlife viewing during this time is truly spectacular. Smaller and more intimate camps set on exclusive concessions or deep in the remote reaches of the national parks can lessen the impact of other tourist while still providing an exceptional wildlife experience.

Kenya’s attractions we love

Masai Mara in Kenya

Masai Mara National Reserve

See the incredible annual Wildebeest migration on Mara river.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nkuru National Park

Kenya’s finest national parks with massive animals and plains.

Amboseli National Park Elephant herds

Amboseli National Park

Known for large elephant herds &  Kilimanjaro views.

Mombasa Kenya holidays

Mombasa Coastline

The white & blue coastal city along the Indian Ocean.

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Flight Information

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) located in the capital Nairobi, Kisumu International Airport (KIS), Eldoret International Airport (EDL), Moi International Airport (MBA), on Mombasa coast and other small airstrips.

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Please check with to estimate your flight time from your airport to any of the four major airports in Kenya.

Do I need a VISA?

Foreign citizens require a visa for Kenya which can be obtained prior to travel or easily on arrival. Current cost is approx US$50. Please visit for more information.

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