Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls—Mount Elgon NP

Sipi falls are the most beautiful chain of waterfalls in Uganda with three levels of waterfalls including the 95 m main drop which attract visitors from around the world to this area and most of the Sipi’s lodging looks out over it. The other two smaller waterfalls also compliment on this beauty and the thrilling experience visitors obtain from visiting Mt Elgon National park. Spending one or two nights in this peaceful and spectacular place is worth it; whether the Sipi Falls visit is in connect with a climb to the nearby volcano or it is part of your Africa Safari.

Visiting Sipi on your Uganda safari holiday does not only reward you with the views of the falls but also the a coffee tour to experience the entire process of making coffee at the nearby farm which includes; picking coffee berries, disheveling and grinding using a traditional mortar and pestle. Roast the coffee using open fire and the process continues until you get the fine cup of strong Arabica coffee.

Sipi Falls Walk and hiking uganda
Sipi Falls Mount Elgon National Park

Things to do at Sipi Falls

Walks to Sipi Falls

The walkways that lead you to each of these three levels of waterfalls are well maintained (though sometimes muddy) and reward you with spectacular views of the beautiful surroundings as you walk to the bottom of each of the 3 waterfalls.

We recommend that you utilize the services of the safari guide to negotiate for you the passage through a private property and also to explain to you the flora and fauna along the way. However, it is possible to walk off on your own.

You can also do village and forest walks to the nearby Mount Elgon National Park`s Forest Exploration Centre, but you will need to incur park entrance fees.

Climbing Mt Elgon (5 – 6 days)

Mount Elgon lies in Eastern the Uganda at the border with Kenya. It is an extinct volcano with the largest surface area in the world. Hiking Mount Elgon to Wagagai peak 4,321 m takes between 5-6 days to reach this Mount Elgon’s highest peak using to trails that is; either the Sipi falls trail of the Sasa trail. We are ready to organise your trip to the falls with all equipment included.

Where to stay

Accommodation is available at all facilities in and around Mount Elgon National park such as Sipi River Lodge, Mbale Resort Hotel and so many others.

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