Ssezibwa falls are located 40 km away from Kampala in Buikwe District on your way to Mukono and the estimated journey time is 1hour 30minutes considering no traffic. The falls are found on River SSezibwa where sharp edged rocks allow the water to flow down hence making a wonderful splendid sound.

The river is believed to have been produced by a woman who produced twins while on her way to hospital in Kavuma Bukunja, Sezibwa being the elder twin called Waswa and the other River called Mbuya. Both rivers are from the same source but take their waters to different places. Sezibwa flows its waters to Lake Kyoga whereas River Mbeya flows towards the River Nile hence it’s culture attachment to the Buganda Kingdom.

This River was founded in 1884 by Kabaka Mwanga and it is said that someone tried to block it but failed therefore obtaining it’s name “Sizibwa” locally meaning I cannot be blocked!

This special River also has falls that are about 7 meters high and are surrounded by the green vegetation with tall trees which are a habitant of different bird species. Several activities can take place including a Nature walk that leads to a hike to the top of the falls, bird watching, schools visit the place for geographical studies where as the local people come for cultural visits, you could opt for camping here as an escape from the town hustle although usually the falls are a stopover point for people who intend to travel to Jinja.

The falls are surrounded by many traditional  healers as many people are always seen especially on weekends droping by to meet the healers in the African locally made huts as these people believe that the place posses miraculous powers and it is believed the water from the falls heals sickness also gives blessings to the people.

Other accommodation facilities nearing the falls include; The rainforest lodge, Bushbaby lodge, Detim hotel, Forest Resort Beach and so many more.