Wildlife Game Drives

Wildlife Viewing Game Drives

The People, The Wildlife & The Love for Tourism in Uganda are what you deserve!

Uganda is unshaped with lots of concealed environment and nature. The first Africa safari experience on a savanna game drive is unbelievable, and it is totally a new world that is far away from your usual home. The most important thing on Uganda`s game drive is that “Uganda never disappoints.” You could have read “game drive” on the internet, heard about it on various occasions, or in a dialogue with someone, and you are really curious about what is a game drive. A game drive is a tourism activity in a game park where people (Tourists) move around in a 4×4 safari vehicle with a pop up viewing wild animals. It is basically a “VIEW, ADMIRE and CAPTURE” tourism activity.

Wildlife Viewing Game Drives on Africa safari
africa safari game drives

Morning & Evening Game Drives

Early morning and late evening wildlife viewing game drives are a rewarding experience for Africa safari travelers. As the sun rises and sets over the savannah plains, the predators are muscling up to prepare for their meals as their prey are lazily getting up or retiring for the day. The golden sunset lights up the Drama in the African savannah at this time over the vast plains, a picturesque moment that will stay will you for a lifetime.

The birds shower the African skies with myriad colors and forms while the morning avian friends’ sounds sing you the African song. The light is perfect, the weather is excellent, and it’s the best time for photography. Take on the African savannah wild with an early morning or late evening wildlife viewing game drive on your next African safari experience with Arlanda Tours.

Murchison Falls National Park Game drives

Game Drives in Murchison Falls NP

Murchison Falls National park is the biggest and one of the oldest parks in Uganda; it is home to over 70 species of mammals, including elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopard, hyenas, giraffes, and so many others, most of which can be seen at close range during the game drives on a safari in Murchison falls national park.

Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth NP

Queen Elizabeth National park is home to over 80 species of mammals, including the surprising tree-climbing lions in the park’s Ishasha sector. The park has prominent distinctive places with a high concentration of wildlife, such as the Kasenyi area and the North Kazinga Plains. On you, Africa safari game drive in this park, expect to encounter animals such as buffaloes, leopards, elephants, Uganda Kobs, and so many others, including the rare tree-climbing lions seen hovering on the big branches of fig trees.

Tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park of Uganda
lake mburo wildlife viewing game drives

Game Drive in Lake Mburo NP

For those traveling from Kampala, Lake Mburo National park is the closed game park where one can easily experience various wild game species of a game drive. Look out for herds of impalas, zebras, Uganda Kobs, buffaloes, elands, and so many others. During your game drive, the guide is always available to give you the relevant information and spot animals.

Game Drive in Kidepo Valley

This is Uganda’s most beautiful savannah park; it allows the best views of wildlife in the whole of Uganda and beyond the vast plains of Kidepo Valley National park can best be enjoyed on a game drive where visitors have the excellent opportunity to see multitudes of wildlife from a close range. The park is a proud home for over 80 species, including lions, cheetah, leopards, giraffes, hyenas, herds of buffaloes, elephants, Zebras, and Uganda Kobs, and so many other species.

Kidepo Valley safari game drive

Wildlife Game Drive Safaris

Murchison Falls Safari

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari

Short savanna safari to see the BIG 5 game animals.

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7 Days Wildlife & Chimpanzee Safari

7 Days Wildlife & Chimpanzee Safari

Murchison Falls, Kibale Chimps, and Queen Elizabeth National Parks

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Kibale Forest Chimpanzee trekking Experience in Uganda

6 Days Kibale & Queen Elizabeth Parks Tour

Track the elusive chimps and take a classic game drive & boat safari

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Queen Elizabeth National Park

3 Days Queen Elizabeth Safari

Classic savanna wildlife game drive and boat safari.

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Bwindi Gorillas & Sabinyo Hiking Tour

8 Days Bwindi Gorillas & Sabinyo Hiking Tour

Trekking gorillas in Uganda and hiking the moderate Sabinyo mountain.

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9 Days Gorillas, Chimpanzees & Wildlife Safari

9 Days Gorillas, Chimpanzees & Wildlife Safari

Primate Safari Experience and Savannah game drives.

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lake bunyonyi uganda, 12 Days Chimpanzees, Wildlife & Lake Bunyonyi Tour

12 Days Chimpanzees, Wildlife & Lake Bunyonyi Tour

See wildlife and primates of Uganda .

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Explore Uganda & Uganda Safari

14 Day Explore Uganda & Uganda Safari

Starting in Entebbe and ending in Kigali, Rwanda.

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