Bahai Temple Kampala

Bahai Temple Kampala

The Bahai Temple is located in the suburbs of Kampala on Kikaya hill. The neatness and beauty of this magnificent temple engulf you from the moment you enter through the gates of this lovely temple. Thanks to the commitment of the people who keep the place neat. The temple is only found in Uganda on the whole of the African continent and it serves as a temple of the Bahai faith on the African continent.

This temple is a very splendid and magnificent building which the architect took time to use outstanding materials from around giving it a global standard. The temple serves the tourists who come to admire its outstanding beauty, the religious people who come to worship here as well as the local people who enjoy the shades of the trees.

The temple is nestled on the hilltop and offers the beautiful scenery of Kampala city and the city suburbs. The committed temple workers tend the gardens in a way that makes them an attraction in to whoever sees them. There`s no entrance fee to this temple and it is open to anyone who may want to go for prayers, admire the architecture or relax in the gardens.

The temple leaders hold weekly Sunday services and anyone is free to join them and learn more about their faith. Please observe maximum silence whenever you enter inside the temple so as not to disturb others.

Bhai Temple Kampala
Kampala View Bhai Temple Uganda

Birding at the Temple

The Bahai temple is another paradise for birders! The gardens and trees around the temple building are a home to about 60 species of birds which build their nests in the trees. On a lucky day, one can spot 40 species of birds in the environs of the Bahai temple. This makes the place another destination for birding in Uganda.

Some of the bird species that can be spotted in the environs of the Bahai temple include; Grey Parrot, Black and White Casqued Hornbill, Palmnut Vulture, Hadada Ibis, …

Brown Parrot, Ring-necked dove, Red eyed Dove, Pied Crow, Double toothed Barbet, Laughing Dove, Blue spotted Wood-dove, Ruppels Long tailed Starling, Speckled Mousebird, Lizard Buzzard, Stripped Kingfisher, Woodland Kingfisher, Scarlet chested Sunbird, African Thrush, Ross’s Turaco, Common Bulbul, Black Kite, Eastern Grey Plantain Eater, Fork tailed Drongo, African green Pigeon, Great blue Turaco, Bronze Sunbird, White-browed Robin chat, Marico Sunbird, Red Cheeked Cordon bleu, Grey woodpecker, Red billed Firefinch, and many others.

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