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Kampala City Tour

Uganda is a naturally blessed nation is Africa and it is the reason Uganda is the Pearl of Africa. Almost everywhere you go in Uganda can be a tourism destination. For the case of Kampala City—the capital city of Uganda, visitors who have come for a city tour in Uganda can explore the city using a sport bike. You can take a vehicle ride or a walk tour. Exploring Kampala on foot is the most rewarding and gives the best experience of the capital city. Taking a car ride on your Kampala City tour could make you miss the sights and sounds of Kampala city but with a city walk, you can take everything one after the other.

Kampala is not just a city but also a district on its own. It is located in central Uganda in Buganda Kingdom and has a total population of about 1.7 million people. Being the capital of the Pearl of Africa, the weather in the city is warm and this makes it a favourable destination for everyone. This climate is basically because of its closeness to the Uganda Equator. However, some areas of the city can be muddy during the rainy season especially from March to May and between August to December.

Initially, Kampala city was built on 7 hills but it has since expanded and is now standing on over 22 hills. Kampala is a busy city; one can call it a city that never sleeps, with lots of people transacting businesses. It is therefore a good city to explore on foot but venturing it and undertaking tourism activities in the city alone could be scary and this is why you will need a guide for every destination on your Uganda safari holiday to lead you through the maze, jam and sometimes chaos which characterize Kampala city.

Kampala city
Tour kampala city on bike

What to see in Kampala

To enjoy your Kampala City tour, you will need a knowledgeable guide to lead you and this is why we are here to give you a full experience of the city when you book your Safari in Uganda with us. Our guide will ensure that you get a very memorable and good experience while on your intimate and interactive Uganda safari activity.

Expect to explore different aspects of the city and experience the way African history blends with today`s life. The experience is very educational and exciting, mixed with African culture and the cultural diversity within the city.

Do not miss visiting areas like the downtown Owino market, old taxi park, vegetable and food markets like Nakasero Market, the Kabaka`s palace, the Kasubi tombs and Idi Amin`s torture chamber.

Other attractions include Kabaka`s lake (a man-made lake made by the Kabaka himself) and the Bahai temple, the Hindu Temple, the Uganda Martyr’s Shrine, the Uganda museum, independence monument, the Gadaffi Mosque as well as many Anglican and catholic churches nestled on various hills of the city and so many other landmarks.

You could also enjoy the interesting fast foods of Uganda like Rolex which is quiet simple but delicious and so many other cultural foods in the various restaurants of the City.

Kampala is a city where most people from around Africa come to enjoy night life, there are various hideouts in Kampala such as night clubs, entertainment theatres, casinos and restaurants among others. Be sure to have fun all night in Kampala!

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