White Water Rafting in Uganda

White Water Rafting on the White Nile

Jinja city in Uganda has been quoted to be the ‘Adventure Capital of East Africa’ this small colonial city is the only place for white water rafting in Uganda and rafting in the River Nile has become a huge tourist attraction where many enthusiasts have been coming for over 10years to do the rafting. The Victoria source of the Nile has a gift for whoever visits Jinja city in Uganda. The secret for whoever visits the Nile is the views of the classic pool-drop river which has deep and calm pools interspersed between exciting and powerful rapids with multitudes of different channels. The variety of the Nile water rapids in Jinja allow guides to choose milder options for those who are not ready to certain dunking in the river.

White water rafting in Uganda is done by the use of paddle-rafts. Every individual joins other members to make a team and every team is joined by the professional guide captain who helps to instruct the peddlers on how best they can enjoy themselves while on water and also gives instructions regarding your safety including the use of the safety Kayaks which accompany every raft trip on water. The Kayakers are highly trained and world class paddlers; they pilot their kayaks through a rapid ahead of the raft. The Kayakers are always available to assist the clients in the raft. For example when the raft flips upside down or the people on the kayak are washed overboard, they intervene and get back visitors back to their boats.

white water rafting uganda jinja
Grade 5 white water rafting uganda jinja

Rafting on the Nile in Jinja

White water rafting on the rapids of the Nile begins slowly for the few kilometres and this gives an opportunity for the guides to train their guests fully about all the aspects of white water rafting on the Nile. When you begin to approach the Bujagali falls, one big rapid flow swiftly and another one follows and it is at this point that the river begins to become much more adventurous especially in the morning hours. The rapids become larger and spectacular once you begin to enter the Wild waters Reserve (a reserve for the flora and fauna of the mid-stream islands of the Nile). The rapids of the Nile become more powerful for the rafts at Itanda (the Bad place) and at this point the rafts are taken around the top by the rapids.

The rafted rapids on this stretch of the Nile are graded from 1-5 and at each grade, the guides will ask you whether you want to go the easy way (around the edge) or the hard way (through the middle); but since you’re not alone in the raft, this decision is voted on and the decision taken by the majority is what is followed. But it might not turnout the way you expected because if you paddle in the wrong direction, you may not take the desired route. But the final result is outstanding and adventurous.

White water rafting in Uganda is much rewarding for visitors who have come on a Uganda safari holiday as a family or a group of friends to enjoy the wonderful river journey for adventurous memorable experiences.

You may decide to explore the many different channels of the river by not going through the biggest and wildest rapids but instead drift swiftly via the amazing forested islands and bounce down the smaller rapids.

For a more rewarding experience, you will spend a night at the ‘Hairy Lemon’ a beautiful secluded island on the Nile. The following, you will have the opportunity to river surf at ‘Nile Special’ the unknown surf wave which is neighbouring the Hairy Lemon. The incredible thrill on the waves of the Nile will be enhanced by the light weight boogie boards.

All that is left is you to come for a Uganda safari and witness what you have just read and heard about the beauties River Nile!

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