Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine in Namugongo

The Namugongo Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine

Have you ever discovered the hidden treasure of Kampala capital city? Do you know where the Namugongo Martyrs shrines are found? Do you even imagine that a single day visit to the Uganda Martyrs shrine in Namugongo can make a great change in your spiritual life? If you are interested in religious tourism, a visit to the Uganda martyrs shrines that stand tall in Namugongo can nurture and inspire your travel experiences in an unmatched way.

Located approximately 15 km east of Kampala Capital, the shrine was built in Namugongo, an execution area where the King of Buganda Kingdom- Kabaka Mwanga executed young Christian men who denounced his powers and chose to follow Christianity which had been introduced by Christian missionaries in Uganda. History believes that about 32 men, both Anglican and catholic Christians, lost their lives and in this place alone and about 22 young Christian believers were murdered because of their faith by Kabaka Mwanga II (The king of Buganda Kingdom) in 1886.

From the time the Christians accepted to die because of faith, many Christians started praying in believing in them that they were really men of God and they built two big Christian shires one for the Catholics and another for the Anglicans. And up to now the Uganda martyrs celebration is one of the biggest events that Uganda experiences and this celebration happens every 3rd of June. The Uganda martyrs day is a highly is a highly recognised and respected even in Uganda  and every 3rd of June is marked as public holiday on the calendar nation of Uganda and people from many parts of the world , people walk from the neighbouring countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. The walk on foot and come to Namugongo shrines to remember the lives of those that endured painful murder in the name of faith. It is not surprising that millions and millions from around Africa and the world gather in this place to pray for these believers and also to ask for their prayers for God.

The death of these believers in Christianity was acknowledged by Joshua Sarufusa Zake who initiated the construction of these two shrines. In October 1964, the 22 Catholics who were murdered in this place were canonized by Pop Paul IV and they are now called the “Saints”. And about 23 Anglicans were also burnt in this same area. Both the Anglicans and Catholics come together and make sure that there is massive and successful celebration in Namugongo every 3rd of June, the day which they endure painful killing.

Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine Namugongo
Uganda Martyrs’ Shrine Namugongo

The Experience

Religious tourists to this place are also taken to see the Basilica which is about 2 miles away and it is at this Basilica where many of these Martyrs of Uganda were burnt to death. Also at this time, the Kind of Buganda Kingdom killed 76 Muslims in a similar sense.

The Namugongo Catholic shrine is popularly credited for its architectural plan and rarest shape. It has 22 pillars rising over 100 feet high which were built to support the shrine and it was built inform of the African hut to depict the reality about the martyrs.

In Uganda, faith and religion based tourism attracts millions of pilgrims from around the world to these shrines and other places of worship. Tourism has now become a socio-economic venture that needs to be explored.

The Christian fraternity in partnership with the government of Uganda are working tirelessly to ensure that Uganda Martyrs shrines at Namugongo become the leading religious tourism sites and attract many visitors across the entire region and the continent to come and visit these shrines.

Generally, the Uganda Martyrs Shrines are a true representation of belief, Faith and Love in the lives of Christians. Millions of Christians have already visited these shrines and have experienced change in their lives, it is just you remaining to come and demonstrate your Love and Faith to God. Visit Uganda and share the memories that Christians of Uganda have at heart!

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